A List of Projects I Have Been Tinkering on

Iterative Crowdsourcing Comprehension Game

alt text

ICCG is an online web game for understanding human comprehension. The project was supervised by the game author.

OpenCV Lane Detection

alt text

Lane Detection is an OpenCV based application that employs various traditional computer vision techniques including view warping and covolutions. When you combine it with YOLO darknet you get the following. Pretty cool, huh? Click on it to see the whole video.

alt text

Highway Path Planning

alt text

Path Planning generates trajectories for ego car every 1/15 to 1/30 second to ensure safe driving with no collision.

Model Predictive Controller

alt text

After trajectory is generated, How do you control the throttle and steering angle to execute it? MPC to the rescue.

More Projects

Want to see more projects on Self-Driving car I have been working on? Check out beyond-self-driving-car. Welcome to check out my other repositories that might interest you at Github (click the icon on the upper left). For example, NP-Hard and NP-Complete Problem Sets.